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Summary Mailing list management interface
Category techcomm
License CollabNet/Tigris.org Apache-style license
Owner(s) ed
Anzu: Centralized Tools for Project Administration

The goal of the Anzu project is to provide a generic mailing address management system. The implementation currently available handles qmail and ezmlm; the design is intended to allow the user of other MTAs and MLMs.

The functions provided include:

  • Create, update, and delete for mailing aliases -- simple addresses which resend to a list of one or more addresses.
  • Create, add/remove addresses, delete, and set options for mailing lists. Mailing lists offer additional options beyond those provided by mailing aliases.
  • Domain based separation of mailing addresses (aliases and lists).
  • Domain based default options for mailing lists, including functions to edit these options. Multiple/user defined types of lists are supported.

In the short term, anzu is intended to provide a java based programmatic interface to administering ezmlm, in ways which should simplify administration.

Project Status
  • Rudimentary documentation has been created.
  • CVS repository, mailing lists, and bugzilla are set up.
  • Source code is checked into the repository.
  • Initial implementation is still in progress; no installed instances exist currently.

News Upcoming Events
08/??/00 - Anzu open source project started
08/??/00 - Anzu source code released
09/22/00 - Goal for next Anzu release